The best way to broaden their vocabulary and improve their English pronunciation

My Life in English is an app aimed to help Primary school students learn English in a fun way through interactive activities. Available for the classroom with an interactive whiteboard or for individual use on any mobile device.


An app suitable for kids between 8 and 14.
Try it now for free on your tablet or smartphone!
(Only avalaible in Spanish-English)

An app suitable for kids between 8 and 14.
Try it now for free on your tablet or smartphone!
(Only avalaible in Spanish-English)

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To use in the classroom with an interactive whiteboard

Learn as you play in an efficient way

The methodology of My Life in English has been created selecting the most successful ICT experiences in Primary education. This gamified experience provides an overcoming of small challenges and celebrates each activity solved, encouraging the students to keep doing new exercises.


My Life in English covers nine thematic units. Each one of them contains a specific vocabulary flash card and 10 challenges to be solved successfully. This app tailors to each child’s learning pace, encouraging those with difficulties when learning the language, thanks to its positive and motivating interface. 

Nine thematic units

Between 30 and 50 new words are learnt in each unit. They are set in a familiar and attractive environment for children, which contains topics of interest for them, such as camping, fashion and shopping, bathroom accessories, the human body, football, kitchen accessories, trips, the beach and technological devices.

Vocabulary guide of each thematic unit

Each unit contains a complete vocabulary guide which is then applied to the activities, in order to help us solve the tests effectively. By tapping each word, we will listen to its corresponding voice-over, which is very helpful to grasp the proper pronunciation.

Ten fun challenges on each unit

It is not necessary to follow the suggested order. The user can choose which challenge to start with, depending on their preference, except for the final trial. Only by overcoming the preceding challenges, will the user have access to this trial, which carries a final exam of all the vocabulary learnt.

You passed…with honours!

 As the user passes the tests, each challenge has its own score, depending on the speed and right answers. The user has the option to face the challenge again to improve their score.


The test is explained at the start of each challenge in every unit. Once it has started, you have to solve the questions with a countdown. The faster you solve it, the better score you achieve. If you exceed the time limit, you will have to give it another try.

These are some examples of the interactive activities on this app:

The searchers

Find and tap on the image of the corresponding word from the list.


Tap on the images, listen to their names and find them on the alphabet soup.

Find & Match

Drag the words to their corresponding image.


Identify the image to which each question refers and tap on it.


Tap on the images, listen to their names and complete the word.

Final trial

With the help of different hints, write the suitable word. 

«The pictures are great, the drawings are well thought out and, in general, the user interface is nice and clear. My Life in English is the app that we would recommend to those parents and children who want to embark on the adventure of learning English»..


«What struck us the most about this app is the proper pronunciation of the terms/words, which is not very common in those materials whose voice-overs are not treated with the required professionalism».

Selected as one of the “top 10 children’s app Made in Spain”
XI Festival Internacional de Comunicación Infantil El Chupete. Madrid, 2015.

«The aim of this app available on tablet and phones is to encourage children to enjoy English by learning vocabulary and improving their pronunciation by means of educational games. And not only that, have you seen the characters? They are really cool!»

«Press the Play button and you will see immediately your children’s motivation going crescendo».


If you have any doubts, you can find every word in the “WORDS” section. There is a complete vocabulary guide for each unit. You will be able to see a graphical representation of each word, along with its translation, phonetics and voice-over, to achieve a flawless pronunciation.


This app can be used by different users. You can create a different profile for each one of them and compare the ranking in each level of difficulty.


This app can be used by different users. You can create a different profile for each one of them and compare the ranking in each level of difficulty.

Do you need technical assistance?

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Pedagogy and linguistics in English: Michelle Dykes (consultant) and Tania Urreta, Eva Alcázar and María López, from the American Cultural Center in Puerto de Sagunto, Valencia. User panel: students of the American Cultural Center.

Creation, design and development: Itbook editorial SL. Coordination: Arturo Puig and Javier Pérez Belmonte. Illustration: Nacho Gallach. Design: Paula Sánchez. Programming: Alfredo Sánchez and Miguel Morcillo. Pedagogical development of the activities: Elvira Esclusa, Colegio Les Arenes, Valencia. Linguistics in Valencian: Andrea Ruiz, Lda. Filología Catalana. U.V. Valencia. Audios and voice-overs: Soundtrack SL.

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Premio App Kids 2018
My Life in English, App Kids 2015 Award in “The top 10 children apps Made in Spain”. Festival de Comunicación Infantil El Chupete & Generación Apps.